Jean-Laurent Chautems

Drame | 2021 | 96 min. | Suisse /Belgique |
VO Français, english, german subtl.


Pour éviter d’affronter son lourd passé, une jeune femme se met en tête de séduire son étrange voisin. Une histoire d’amour singulière entre ces deux âmes esseulées va naitre, mais suffira-t-elle à les sauver d’eux-mêmes ?

To avoid facing her heavy past, a young woman tries hard to seduce her strange neighbor. A singular love story between these two lonely souls is born, but will it be enough to save them from themselves ?


How do you manage to survive in an interaction-driven world if you have a hypersensitive personality or if you’ve developed disorders that don’t allow you to communicate? How can you thrive and be happy in a belonging and community-based world when you can’t relate to anything, that you don’t fit in or that you’re outside the norm, like Claire and Alain?

At some point or another, we’ve all experienced more or less traumatizing events that led us to feel out of sync with the world around us. Some of Claire and Alain’s suffering and madness finds an echo in us – we may all have found it somewhat challenging to live and to thrive in our sometimes absurd society. That is what I want to focus us on through these characters’ story.

There are also some humour and irony in this drama. The strange situations arising from the characters’ atypical behaviour may turn out to be at times funny, at times moving, tender or cruel.

Jean-Laurent Chautems



Jean-Laurent Chautems

Né, en 1973 à Neuchâtel. Jean-Laurent Chautems fait des études de réalisation au CLCF à Paris, puis travaille en tant que premier assistant réalisateur. Il tourne un premier court-métrage, sélectionné au festival de Locarno. Puis, en 2009, écrit et réalise son premier long-métrage, Plus là pour personne, sélectionné au festival de Namur. Il co-écrit et réalise la série 10, prix de la meilleure série au festival de la Rochelle. En 2019, il tourne Chroma, son deuxième long-métrage et développe une série de science-fiction 125 dB.

* 1973. Jean-Laurent Chautems studied directing at the CLCF in Paris, then worked as first assistant director. He shoots a first short film, selected at the Locarno Film Festival. He wrote and directed his first feature film, PLUS LÀ POUR PERSONNE (2009), selected at the Namur festival. He cowrote and directed the series 10, awarded Best Series at the La Rochelle festival. CHROMA (2019) is his second feature film. He is currently developing a series of science fiction 125 dB.



Solène RIGOT

Aurélien CAEYMAN



François FLOREY



Producer – Xavier GRIN

Coproducers – Hubert TOINT, Samuel FELLER, Françoise MAYOR

Production companies – P.S. Productions, Saga Film, Magellan Films, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse

Screenwriter – Jean-Laurent CHAUTEMS

Cinematographer – Gabriel LOBOS

Editor – Jean REUSSER

Music – Malcolm BRAFF

Distribution nationale: Cineworx